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Nellie Bly's World:1889-1890 E-BOOK

Nellie Bly's World, #2

Nellie Bly, David Blixt
E-book | Engels | Nellie Bly's World
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From the bestselling author of TEN DAYS IN A MAD-HOUSE - Nellie Bly's complete articles, collected for the first time ever!

"When a charming young lady comes into your office and smilingly announces that she wants to ask you a few questions regarding the possibility of improving New York's moral tone, don't stop to parley. Just say: 'Excuse me, Nellie Bly,' and shin down the fire-escape."—Puck Magazine

Pioneering journalist Nellie Bly is best remembered for two "stunts": her undercover expose of the Blackwell's Island insane asylum, and her race around the world to beat the record set in Jules Verne's Around The World In 80 Days. Yet those events do not begin to grasp the scope of her career as a reporter. 

Between 1885 and 1922, Nellie Bly penned hundreds of stories on a variety of topics. Reporting for Joseph Pulitzer's New York World, she interviewed presidential candidates like Belva Lockwood and convicted criminals like Eva Hamilton, sports heroes like boxer John Sullivan and wrestler William Muldoon, inspirational icons like Helen Keller and Susan B. Anthony, and so many more. One week would find her undercover to expose a swindling lobbyist, the next taking up a new profession as an actress, and the next reporting on a strike. 

Perhaps never before has a reporter had such a wide-ranging, adventurous career! Yet until now only a handful of her articles have been available to the public. Compiled by author David Blixt ("What Girls Are Good For"), Nellie Bly's World collects all of Bly's reporting during her years at the New York World

Volume 2 begins with her retelling of the insane asylum in "Among The Mad," and ends with her race around the globe in 72 days. But that's hardly all! Among the 35 articles included in this collection are: 

With the Prison Matrons
The Veiled Prophetess
Working Girls, Beware!
Shadowed by a Detective
Nellie Bly at West Point
Women and Crime
Nellie Bly Learns to Swim
Is Astrology a Science?
Nellie Bly Buys a Baby
Nellie Bly's Many Doubles
Nellie Bly's 700 Doctors
From New York to Amiens

Explore the full power of Bly's Blackwing pencil at the beginning of her ascent to becoming the most famous woman in America!







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