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Dot To Dot Book For Kids

Connect the Dots of This Challenging Book and Have Fun by Coloring the Animals (Activity Book for Girls and Boys Ages 4-8)

Wiffan Activities
Paperback | Engels
€ 15,45
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If you're looking for a fun and educational activity book that won't bore your child, then read on because you've found just the right solution.

Counting and writing don't have to be boring and uninspiring activities.

In fact, we at Wiffan Activities follow this philosophy. We believe the most effective way to teach something is through fun, because when children have fun they learn faster and above all, more easily.

With this book, your child will learn and improve counting by connecting numbered points. Once connected, a beautiful drawing of an animal will appear, which can then be colored in.

Furthermore, after having connected the dots and colored in the drawing, your child can use the space underneath the figure to write the name of the animal. The first and last initials are dashed (if the name is too complicated), so that once the dots are connected, your child has a clue in recognizing the name of the animal.

They won't be able to get enough of connecting the dots and coloring in the figures to guess the animals' names !!

The following are the skills children can acquire through this dot to dot book:

  • COUNTING: Working on a dot-to-dot teaches children number order and helps with counting. Younger children may need a little help, but as they get older, completing a dot-to-dot all by themselves is a great confidence booster.

  • HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Dot-to-dot games are wonderful for improving hand-eye coordination. There's a lot of concentration that goes into completing a dot-to-dot! Visual motor control is developed through dot-to-dot work.

  • HANDWRITING SKILLS: Doing dot-to-dot activities really helps improve handwriting skills, as well as being a valuable pre-writing tool. Children learn how to create shapes and steady their pencil by understanding how much pressure to apply to the paper.

  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Working on a dot-to-dot is a great way to strengthen hand and finger muscles in preparation for writing. Early childhood is the optimal time for the development of these vital muscles that will be used throughout life. Children can concentrate on gripping their pencil and as a consequence, strengthen their hands while working on a dot-to-dot.

  • LEARNING ANIMAL NAMES: Through this book, children will not only learn how to write, but they'll also master the names of cute animals!


Click "BUY NOW" and give your child the opportunity to learn and improve these skills while having fun!





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