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The Voyagers Series - Africa

The Voyagers Series - Africa Book 2

Will D Rhame
Paperback | Engels | Voyagers | nr. 2
€ 11,45
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The Voyagers Series is a new multi-media, multi-disciplinary approach to reading that provides students with a stimulating, interactive experience that will enhance their reading enjoyment while promoting better retention of subject matter.The Voyagers Series currently consists of two books, Europe and Africa, with several additional books in the works. The Series features two protagonists, Erin and Drew, who discover the record of many fast-paced adventures that took place in various eras and in distant locations around the world. While the story lines are fictional, the background information is entirely factual.To supplement the reading of the adventures, the Series uses four tools to help teach students learn to read more carefully and to retain what they have read. The first tool consists of TEN CHAPTER QUESTIONS that appear at the end of each chapter in the book or e-book. The chapter questions may cover any of the major areas of study - mathematics, science, history, social studies, foreign languages, etc. The second tool is the online CROSSWORD PUZZLE that the student completes, using the underlined words from the corresponding chapter. The third tool is the designation of one of the puzzle answers as the LIFE LESSON of the chapter. It is a character-building trait that will be revealed to the student after correctly completing the puzzle. The Life Lesson is the CODE that is required to play the online GAME, the fourth tool in The Voyagers Series.The Voyagers Series is designed to be used as a team-building exercise in the early years of a student's reading development. For elementary school students, the teacher or parent may read to the students, then work together with them to solve the crossword puzzles and games. Middle school students may be asked to work in small groups, with students taking turns reading the adventure. Students in the upper grades may read the Series on their own and later be asked to write a paper on one or more of the Life Lessons or chapter questions.Sadly, comparative statistics have proven that American students are falling behind students in other countries in many areas of study. There are probably many reasons for this, but it is clear that students today have more distractions than ever before - handheld games, television, computers, email, instant messaging, etc. The list goes on, and it is getting longer every year. At The Voyagers Series, we believe that the solution is not to eliminate the new devices but to find positive ways to incorporate them into the educational system. We are convinced that reading skills are a critical factor in future success - in school, in business, and in life. A student who reads poorly, or not at all, has virtually no chance of getting into college or finding an adequately-paying job in the future. Our goal is to provide teachers with a unique platform to make it easier to help students on two fronts - to read more proficiently by making the reading experience fun and to retain more by using entertaining games and puzzles to test for retention.


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  • Aantal bladzijden: 190
  • Taal: Engels
  • Reeks: Voyagers
  • Reeksnummer: nr. 2


  • Productcode (EAN): 9781490918747
  • Verschijningsdatum: 1/01/2012
  • Uitvoering: Paperback
  • Bestandsformaat: Trade paperback (VS)
  • Afmetingen: 152 mm x 229 mm
  • Gewicht: 263 g