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How To Declutter Your Mind And Start Thinking Positively, Discover Fast Success Habits, Thinking and Meditation, Eliminate Anxiety and Stress & Unlock Your Mind's Limitless Potential.

Robert Handler
Paperback | Engels | Self Help | nr. 2
€ 37,45
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Are you looking for a definite solution for rewiring your brain and fix your mindset? Then keep reading...

Your Customers Will Never Stop to Use this Awesome Book

Stress and anxiety have become an obvious and acceptable part of life these days. Our minds are so much cluttered with things that we are forgetting the ways to live happily. Stressful, complicated and mundane life is becoming a norm. This book will help you in dealing with this sorry state of affairs.

It will walk you through the ways in which stress is affecting our lives these days. It will give you insights on eliminating the stress from your daily lives. This book will specifically help you in relieving the physical and emotional symptoms of stress from life.

It will show you the ways in which you can reduce the decision fatigue and de-stress yourself.

This book will help you in understanding the impact of stress and anxiety on relationships. It will give you tips to reduce stress and anxiety in dating and relationships.

Toxic relationships add a high amount of stress to our lives. We all know it, but choose to ignore it. This degrades the quality of life and scars it. This book will help you in understanding the extent of stress these relationships can add and the ways to end them.

This book is your comprehensive guide to remove stress from your life and start living happily.

This book covers the following topics:

- What is overthinking?

- Declutter your mind

- Challenging your thoughts

- Anxiety and its causes

- Dealing with procrastination

- How to stop overthinking

- How to stop overthinking with mindfulness meditation

- How to stop overthinking with positive self-talk

- Developing a winning mentality

...And more

Our mind is simply amazing. There can be no other word that can better describe our mind. Either you are talking about the mind in terms of physiological wonders or its psychological prowess; it can do some pretty amazing stuff. It is full of immense possibilities and has unlimited capabilities. Yet, some people always feel rattled by their mind.

Commonly, people feel that their mind is never at peace. There is an incessant commotion inside the head. Some people believe that their mind is hyperactive. It is always up to something. There is an out of control banging of thoughts, random thoughts, weird thoughts, negative thoughts, or thoughts of helplessness. These thoughts leave people nervous, sad, worried, or distraught. They are never at peace with themselves. They are always agitated. They think fuzzy and remain alarmed. They feel unfocused and disoriented.

Buy It Now and Let Your Customers Get Addicted To This Amazing Book





Aantal bladzijden:
nr. 2


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Trade paperback (VS)
152 mm x 229 mm
199 g
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