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Once Upon A Star

14 SF-Inspired Faerie Tales

Sarra Cannon, Alethea Kontis, Phaedra Weldon
Paperback | Engels | Once Upon | nr. 4
€ 31,45
+ 62 punten
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From the bestselling authors of the award-winning Once Upon Anthologies, the next fabulous volume is here! Revisit your favorite faerie tales, masterfully retold in science fiction settings with delightful (and sometimes chilling) twists. What if the Twelve Dancing Princesses were undead clones? What if the witch in Hansel and Gretel was an AI-sentient house? Are you ready for the Three Little Pigs... in space?These fourteen tales will entertain and inspire you, and you'll never see your favorite faerie tales quite the same way again. Grab your copy of Once Upon A Star, and don't forget the other anthologies - ONCE UPON A CURSE, ONCE UPON A KISS, and ONCE UPON A QUEST- for more magical retellings!ESCAPE: A Liza Roth Adventure - Anthea SharpA princess on the run and her feline companion find adventure - and danger - on Starhub Station in this story based on the Icelandic fairy tale Kisa the Cat.TRUE.LOVE - Alethea KontisIn this futuristic retelling of Sleeping Beauty, a gamer hacktivist tries to take down the world's largest matchmaking site...and stumbles on a side quest he never bargained for.BLOW YOUR PLANET DOWN - Shawntelle MadisonAfter the Wolverine Horde nearly destroyed her home world, Commander Cressida Van Der Snout is prepared to use the Horde's greatest weapon to exact her revenge. She wants to bring them to their knees, but a single wolverine stands in the way of both her revenge and her heart.THE CYRANO SOLUTION: A Gaian Consortium Story - Christine PopeThe daughter of one of Gaia's richest oligarchs gets more than she bargained for in her new husband in this retelling of "The Frog Prince" (with just a dash of Cyrano de Bergerac for good measure).ONCE YOU WISH - Evelyn SnowA con man who loves only what he can steal.An orphan girl with big dreams.A prince with something to prove and no fairy godmother to be found...BY THE LIGHT OF A DISTANT STAR - Jenna Elizabeth JohnsonWhen Estrelle's marriage to Prince Damryn of Kaul is thwarted by a deceitful enemy who steals her identity and leaves her for dead, Estrelle must rely on the kindness of others, and trust the courage within her own heart.VASILILA AND THE HORSE OF POWER - Jamie FergusonVasilisa finds a feather from the legendary firebird and, against the advice of her horse, takes it to the Tzar in the subterranean enclave their people have lived in for millennia. She hopes to be rewarded, but instead is given a choice between accomplishing an impossible task, or exile-and certain death-in the harsh, storm-swept lands aboveground.ECHO - Nikki JeffordBuilt by a handsome young mechanic, Echo is a cyborg who dreams of experiencing the world as a human in this Pinocchio inspired retelling.DEADLY DANCE - Kasey MackenzieMiriana never expected to be murdered repeatedly after refusing an evil prince's marriage proposal. Now saddled with eleven undead clone-sisters who spy for the murderous prince, she's going to save the day with her forbidden soldier lover-or die trying-one final time.THROUGH TIME AND SPACE: A Little Red Riding Hood Tale - Julia CraneNeither time nor space can keep Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf from crossing paths.THE STAR DRAGON'S CURSE - Alexia PurdyHaunted by a malevolent celestial entity, Creedence must discover its connection to the dying forest aboard the decaying space vessel, The Star Dragon.ZATARRA - Phaedra WeldonHis enemies not only took his life and everything he held dear, they took his humanity as well.LOXLEY- Sarra CannonIn a dystopian world where citizens log into The Realm online to escape from their dark reality, one hacker fights to make a difference as she goes in search of a rare artifact.CANDY HOUSE - Kay McSpaddenAfter the AI of Earth rise up and destroy most of humanity, Hans and Greta survive by living off the grid. That is, until they find a house in the woods that makes them an offer they can't refuse.





Aantal bladzijden:
nr. 4


Productcode (EAN):
Trade paperback (VS)
133 mm x 203 mm
562 g
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