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No Way to Go

Based on true events

Jennifer Reed
Paperback | Engels
€ 7,45
+ 14 punten
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"No Way To Go," tells the story of a police investigation into multiple murders one year apart in the capital city of Ester. The National Capital is stranger to violent crimes and is under my charge, and I am Jennifer Reed. I landed as Police Officer and I started when women in uniform and high positions were a rarity. I strive to establish my credential as events unfold with the disappearance of Alfred Abbe and his friend Brian. Alfred is the son of Mr. Adler Abbe, a high-ranking official, and part of an influential clan of Abbes. I have a passion for unraveling the unknown and investigation feeds that passion. And as I take up the investigation and I am torn between my responsibilities as Police Chief and an investigator whom Adler has entrusted his son. Thankfully, I am not all by myself. I have Insp Wills, a fine officer and investigator, Trainee officer Brigg, computer literate and trainee, Computer Scientist Betsy, the technical support and wizard at computers and forensic. Each of the very different individuals with their own peculiarities work together in this once in a lifetime mystery at Ester. The investigation starts with Alfred missing and Brian, his friend, as the suspect. The assumptions change to acknowledge Brian also as missing and possibly both kidnapped. The efforts succeed in bringing the boys back but not alive. Many times during my journey as an investigator and very specifically in this case. I have wished that I had those powers that I read in childhood- to understand and speak bird's language, to read people's mind, to see through closed-door, and yes, to become invisible at will. Let me say that none of them happened to me or the people around me. But the wish and dream served one purpose. It kept the hope of a miracle alive, a breakthrough in the next corner or a piece of evidence falling into our laps. We worked and wished but neither came through to unravel the mystery. We fail and loses the case to Federal Heinous Crime Division. The team breaks apart and I continue as Police Chief but the failure haunts me. The case goes cold in police parlance but never for us.


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  • Aantal bladzijden: 130
  • Taal: Engels


  • Productcode (EAN): 9798579055965
  • Verschijningsdatum: 9/12/2020
  • Uitvoering: Paperback
  • Bestandsformaat: Trade paperback (VS)
  • Afmetingen: 152 mm x 229 mm
  • Gewicht: 181 g