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Little Dead Red E-BOOK

Mercedes M. Yardley
E-book | Engels
€ 2,99
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The Wolf is roaming the city in this Bram Stoker Award-winning novella, and he must be stopped.

Grim Marie knows far too much about the wolves of the world, a world where little girls go missing.  After all, she had married one before she/he showed his claws, and what that wolf did to her little girl was unforgiveable. Grim Marie isn't certain if she can ever forgive herself for putting her Little Aleta in harm's way.

When Grandmother becomes ill, Aleta offers to take the bus through the concrete forest to Grandmother's house to bring her some goodies. She knows the way.

What could possibly go wrong?

In this modern day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf takes to the city streets to capture his prey, but the hunter is close behind him. With Grim Marie on the prowl, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Wolves pad through the darkest kind of fairytale: one that can come true.

Proudly brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing - Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Interview with the Author:

Congrats on winning the Bram Stoker award for Little Dead Red, Mercedes. What does this mean for you as an author?

Mercedes: Thank you so much, Joe! This was my first nomination, and winning for my first nom simply blew me away. It's validation for me. I have three small kids at home and I'm always trying to fit my writing in where I can. Writing is my own little luxury that is just for me, my own selfish pleasure, and I constantly feel torn spending that time on myself instead of doing something for somebody else. This award means that readers are aware of my work. It means they took the time to read and to vote, that my work was weighed, measured, and found valuable. It's one of the most touching experiences of my life.

Did writing this book affect you personally in any way?

Mercedes: It affected me greatly.  I tried to capture the horror of their situation (abuse/kidnapping/murder/quest for justice) without making it sensational or trivializing the importance. While Little Dead Red is a fictional story, it delves deep into very real, painful issues. I wanted to treat this tale with the respect it deserved. I cried in parts while I wrote it, and I cried when I finished it. I love Aleta and Grimm Marie so much. They deserve all of the beautiful things of the world for their bravery.

Why should readers give Little Dead Red a try?

Mercedes: It's a very realistic story written with heart and care. While the subject matter is dark, it's also very important. This story is a social statement. It's an exploration. Hopefully it will make us want to do better, to be heroes and support for those who are grasping. It's also written quite prettily, and I hope that will be a breath of fresh air to readers.







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