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Amish Spring Romance Collection

Seven Stories of Hope and Love

Jennifer Spredemann, Rachel J Good, Kathleen Fuller
Paperback | Engels
€ 26,45
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Spring is in the air! And so is romance. Second chances and hope fill the pages of this new collection of Amish romances from seven of your favorite Amish fiction authors. This delightful collection of Amish romances is a gift from USA Today Bestselling authors Jennifer Beckstrand, Kathleen Fuller, Jennifer Spredemann, Rachel J. Good, Patricia Davids, and Debby Giusti, and Molly Jebber.

Ivy's New Beginning by Jennifer Beckstrand
Ivy Zook has done a multitude of things she's not proud of, including getting pregnant out of wedlock. Older and wiser, Ivy has rejoined her Amish community, but fitting in is well-nigh impossible. A chance meeting with Isaac Neuenschwander makes Ivy hope for more than a life of regret. Will Isaac see past the foolishness of Ivy's youth and open his heart to the love that Gotte has in store for both of them?

A Match for the Teacher by Patricia Davids
When Amish teacher Matthias Troyer endeavored to mend his relationship with Karen Yoder, a woman he cares for deeply, his cousin Ogden interfered with disastrous results. Again. Matthias fears this time his friendship with Karen is beyond mending. He decides the best thing to do is to leave town and start over somewhere else. Can three determined children help Karen discover Matthias's worthiness before he leaves, or will Ogden's obsession with Karen foil their plans?

Hope Blossoms by Rachel J. Good
To keep herself from dwelling on her own sadness, Lily Bontrager tends her garden and assists an Englisch neighbor with her children. Then newcomer Josiah Miller drives her home from a singing. Both Josiah and the garden are promises of God's renewal and blessing. But Josiah Miller has a dark secret, and he's come to Lancaster County to make amends. Once Lily discovers his true mission, will she even speak to him, let alone court him?

The Arrangement by Jennifer Spredemann
When the bishop's teen daughter becomes pregnant, he's determined to find a gut Amish husband for her. Amish bachelor Justin Beachy's compassionate heart prompts him to agree to the bishop's outrageous request to marry Lucy. Lucy reluctantly agrees to a marriage of convenience, but will her agreement end in resentment toward her new husband, her father, and the Amish church? Can Justin and Lucy discover God's blessings in their lives and navigate their way to happily-ever-after?

Finding Her Amish Home by Debby Giusti
A match on a DNA test leads Melanie Taylor to search for a half-sister she never knew she had, but sinister forces don't want the two women to meet or to uncover the truth about their Amish mother. When danger looms, Melanie stumbles unexpectedly into Amish farmer Jacob Brubaker's sheltering arms. Jacob's affection was cast aside once before by an Englischer, and as hard as he tries to protect Melanie, he wonders if she too will break his heart.

The Cedar Box by Molly Jebber
Madeline leaves Berlin, Ohio to manage her aunt's candy and candle store until her aunt recovers from a broken leg. She's sad to leave her Amish friends and family to help an aunt she doesn't know, until she meets Adam. Her aunt doesn't approve and warns Madeline to stay away from him. Madeline is willing to give Adam a chance, but she finds out he's kept something from her. She's in love and heartbroken. What does the future hold for the two of them?

Love Blooms by Kathleen Fuller
After losing his wife to cancer nine years ago, 68-year-old Jonas Stoltzfus is unable to move past his grief. Master gardener Lorene King is a joyful 65-year-old woman who has never married. Jonas's constant crankiness frustrates her, while her eternal optimism grates on him. Unsurprisingly, the two of them have never gotten along. Can Jonas overcome his heartache enough to accept and give love? And after years of life as a single woman, will Lorene r





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